Templates for Heliophysics Division (Appendix B) ROSES proposals

Proposers to all ROSES opportunities in Appendix B (Heliophysics), are strongly encouraged to use the templates for Current and Pending Support for PIs and all Co-Is, regardless of time commitment and the templates for summary table of work effort and the "Open Science and Data Management Plan" (formerly the Data Management Plan).

Starting with proposals to ROSES-2023 the requirements have been increased, see B.1 The Heliophysics Research Program Overview and https://science.nasa.gov/researchers/sara/faqs/OSDMP. Data, model results, and other information created with NASA funding are subject to NASA’s Heliophysics Division Science Data Management Policy.

1. Open Science and Data Management Plans

Most proposals require a plan for the sharing of data, software, and publications. In ROSES-2022 this was called a Data Management Plans (DMP), but for ROSES-2023 it is referred to as an “Open Science and Data Management Plan” (OSDMP), but the idea is the same.

ROSES-23 Step-2 proposals (starting with B.2 HSR) will fall under the new rules in

Section 1.6 of The Heliophysics Research Program Overview, B.1 of ROSES-2023 and may also want to refer to the OSDMP FAQ at https://science.nasa.gov/researchers/sara/faqs/OSDMP. A new template will be provided for ROSES-2023.

The default location and page length for Appendix B of ROSES (and program element F.4 Habitable Worlds which is jointly run by planetary and Heliophysics) has not changed: the OSDMP must be included in the proposal in a special two-page section immediately following the references and citations for the S/T/M portion of the proposal.

OSDMP Template for ROSES-23: HPD_OSDMPTemplate051223.docx

Questions regarding the OSDMP Template for ROSES-23 may be directed to Alvin Robles at alvin.s.robles@nasa.gov.

2. Launch Accommodation Worksheet for Heliophysics Flight Opportunities in Research and Technology

A launch accommodation worksheet must be filled out and included as part of the proposal pdf by proposers to Heliophysics Flight Opportunities in Research who are requesting a cubesat or small sat. The filled out worksheet is to be included in the proposal PDF file directly following the data management plan. Questions regarding this launch accommodation worksheet may be directed to Dan Moses and Amy Winebarger.

3. Current and Pending Support templates

All proposals to Appendix B Elements must include a Current and Pending Support (C&P) table for PIs and Co-Is. PDF, MS Excel and MS Word templates of this table and instructions for their use can be found below. Proposals that do not submit a C&P table, even if determined to be selected or selectable for funding, may not be funded until an appropriate C&P table is submitted.

4. Space Weather Centers of Excellence Quad Chart Template

The SWxCOE Quad is a required submission for all Space Weather Centers of Excellence proposers. A PowerPoint template of this quad can be found below. Please direct any questions to Jesse Woodroffe.

Heliophysics point of contact: Matthew McClure

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