Templates for Heliophysics Division (Appendix B) ROSES proposals

1. Data Management Plans

NASA requires that most solicitations collect Data Management Plans (DMPs) with proposals, and ROSES is no exception. Appendix B (the Heliophysics section) of Research Opportunities in Earth and Space Science (ROSES) treats DMPs differently. Whereas most NASA solicitations collect DMPs in a plan text box on the NSPIRES cover page, most program elements in Appendix B (and program element C.22 Habitable Worlds which is jointly run by planetary and Heliophysics) require that the DMP be included in the proposal document in a special two-page section, entitled "Data Management Plan" immediately following the references and citations for the Scientific/Technical/Management (S/T/M) portion of the proposal. Proposers should read the Heliophysics Research Program Overview, B.1 of ROSES.

The template from the Heliophysics division is provided here as a Word doc.

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