Templates for Heliophysics Division (Appendix B) ROSES proposals

1. Data Management Plans

NASA requires that most solicitations collect Data Management Plans (DMPs) with proposals, and ROSES is no exception. Appendix B (the Heliophysics section) of Research Opportunities in Earth and Space Science (ROSES) treats DMPs differently. Whereas most NASA solicitations collect DMPs in a plan text box on the NSPIRES cover page, most program elements in Appendix B (and program element C.22 Habitable Worlds which is jointly run by planetary and Heliophysics) require that the DMP be included in the proposal document in a special two-page section, entitled "Data Management Plan" immediately following the references and citations for the Scientific/Technical/Management (S/T/M) portion of the proposal. Proposers should read the Heliophysics Research Program Overview, B.1 of ROSES.

The template from the Heliophysics division is provided here as a Word doc.


2. Launch Accommodation Worksheet for Heliophysics Flight Opportunities in Research and Technology

A launch accommodation worksheet must be filled out and included as part of the proposal pdf by proposers to Heliophysics Flight Opportunities in Research who are requesting a cubesat or small sat. The filled out worksheet is to be included in the proposal PDF file directly following the data management plan. Questions regarding this launch accommodation worksheet may be directed to Dan Moses and Amy Winebarger.


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