NG-15 Launch

Resupplies for current investigations that launched aboard the NG-15.


Space Biology

  • BioScience-4 – Studying the multiplication of nervous system stem cells in microgravity. (Returned on SpaceX-21)

  • Micro-14A – Studying the effects of spaceflight on Candida albicans (C. albicans), a pathogenic yeast that can infect the human body. (Returned on SpaceX-21)

  • Micro-16 – Determining loss of muscle mass and strength in space on humans by investigating the effects of space on tiny worms (Launched on NG-15)

  • MISSE-SEED – Investigating the effects of long-duration space radiation exposure on seed quality and storage (Launched on NG-15)

  • Rodent Research-10 (RR-10) Mission – Investigating how microgravity affects the cellular and molecular mechanisms of normal bone tissue regeneration in space. (Returned on SpaceX-21)

Physical Sciences

Joint Space Biology & Physical Sciences


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