PI Launchpad Workshop

2023 PI Launchpad Workshop

The PI Launchpad 2023 was held in July at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Recordings and documents can be found at the links below. Future Launchpad workshops will be held, please check back for updates.

Previous PI Launchpad Content

Two PI Launchpad workshops have been held, in 2019 and in 2021. As a public service, we have posted all of the content developed for the PI Launchpad here, in the links below. In addition to the workbook used by participants throughout the workshop, we have posted videos and PDFs for all panels and presentations.

Any information contained in this or any linked pages is meant for general use and not for profit. If you use any slides or content from the linked videos and PDFs, you must provide credit to the original author/presenter. If you are unsure of whom to credit, please contact Erika Hamden.


The PI Launchpad was organized through the work of:

  • Prof. Erika Hamden (University of Arizona)
  • Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar (Movement Consulting)
  • Ellen Gertsen (NASA SMD)
  • Dr. Michael New (NASA SMD)
  • Julie Breed (GSFC)
  • Paula Evans (NASA SMD)
  • Michael Liehmon (University of Michigan)
  • Kirsten Petree (NASA SMD)
  • Paul Propster (JPL)
  • Betsy Pugel (GSFC)
  • Richard Quinn (ARC)
  • Dr. Randii Wessen (JPL)
  • James Woodard (NASA SMD)

The PI Launchpad was generously funded by a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation and through support from NASA. The speakers and panelists whose presentations are captured here graciously provided their time and expertise to this workshop and made it a success.

2023 Resources Overview & Downloads

2019 Resources Overview & Downloads

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